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All Annual Reports

Annual Reports are divided into 5 sections (links to each section):

Section 1: Business of the Annual Meeting

1 Business of the Annual Meeting
Download PDF • 12.44MB

This PDF contains:

- A Prayer for our Annual Meeting

- Agenda

- Minutes from the 2020 Annual Meeting

- Slate of Candidates and Qualifications

- Biographies

Section 2: Reflection and Vision

2 Reflection and Vision
Download PDF • 18.38MB

This PDF contains:

- Rector's Report

- Senior Warden's Report

- Junior Warden's Report

Section 3: Worship

3 Worship
Download PDF • 16.84MB

This PDF contains:

- Altar Guild's Report

- Eucharistic Visitors' Report

- Ushers's Report

- Healing Ministry's Report

- Sunday School's Report

- Music Ministry's Report

- Regathering Committee's Report

- Broadcast Ministry's Report

Section 4: Ministry of the Baptized

4 Ministry of the Baptized
Download PDF • 18.69MB

This PDF contains:

- Book Club's Report

- Chair Exercises' Report

- Take Them a Meal's Report

- The Garden Project's Report

- Lunch Bunch's Report

- Men of St. Martin's Report

- Outreach's Report

- Scouts' Report

- Peace and Justice's Report

- The Prayer Chain's Report

- United Thank Offering's Report

Section 5: Stewardship of Resources

5 Stewardship of Resources
Download PDF • 17.04MB

This PDF contains:

- Investments

- Treasurer's Report

- Capital Campaign (1/3)'s Report

- Facilities' Report

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