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Welcome to the Episcopal Church

General Information

Information about St. Martin's Episcopal Church: Visit our official website for all the details about our community, services, and events.

Information about Our Diocese: To learn more about our diocese, check out the Diocese of Missouri website.

Information about the Episcopal Church: For an overview of the Episcopal Church, its beliefs, and its history, visit the Episcopal Church's official website.

Spiritual Resources

Online Book of Common Prayer: For an online version of the Book of Common Prayer, you can go to the this website.

Online Morning or Evening Prayer: For daily prayers, visit Daily Office. Additional prayer resources are available here.

Worship and Music

Choral Evensong from the Washington National Cathedral: Experience the beauty of choral evensong through the Washington National Cathedral's website.

Choral Evensong from the Church of England: For more options from the UK, visit the Choral Evensong website.

News and Podcasts
News about the Episcopal Church: Stay updated with news from the Episcopal Church via the Episcopal News Service.

News about Religion in General: For broader religious news, visit Religion News Service.

Forward Day by Day Podcast: For daily reflections, check out the Forward Day by Day Podcast.

Books and Merchandise

Spiritual Writing and Books: Find enriching books and spiritual writings at Forward Movement.

Episcopal Merch and Swag: For Episcopal-themed merchandise, visit Episcopal Shoppe or check out the range of Episcopal gifts on Etsy.

Charitable Giving
Episcopal Charitable Giving: To contribute to Episcopal charitable endeavors, visit Episcopal Relief & Development.

Gifts for Good from Episcopal Relief and Development: Consider giving meaningful Gifts for Life through ERD.


Fun and Community

Funny Memes about the Episcopal Church: For a lighter take on Episcopal life, check out the Episcopal Church Memes on Facebook.

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