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Mother Leslie Blessed the Blankets last Sunday

Project Linus Blankets: Providing love, comfort, security, and warmth to traumatized or seriously ill children through the gift of hand created blankets. St. Martin’s Lunch Bunch participation is funded by a grant from our Legacy Endowment Fund with materials sourced from local fabric retailers, assembled, and cut by members of the Lunch Bunch, tied by our Parishioner’s, Blessed, and then dropped off to the local chapter coordinator for delivery to local children’s hospitals, police, and fire departments. Blankets in progress are located in the hallway coat rack and sorted by those to be cut and those to be tied. Instruction sheets are provided for the cutting and tying. St. Martin’s has donated over 200 blankets to the Project Linus From time-to-time blankets may be shipped to other areas in the United States that may have an immediate extraordinary need. Blankets are never to be sold.


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