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Walk the Way of the Cross- and download booklet here

Especially during this Holy Week, you are invited to come to St. Martin's and pray the devotions known as the Way of the Cross at our beautiful Stations in our nave, crafter by respected local liturgical artist, Brother Mel Meyers.

There are several ways to do this:

1) If you have a code as a member of our parish, simply use your code to access the building at any time during the next days before Easter morning. You can use the booklet provided at the link below on your smart phone, or there are printed booklets by the doors into the nave.

2) St. Martin's clergy will be leading a guided Way of the Cross devotional on Good Friday at 6 pm, before the 7 pm observance of Good Friday on April 7. 3) If you cannot come to the parish in person, our recorded Way of the Cross video will be available to stream at any time on our Facebook Live page by clicking right HERE. It is also available on our YouTube channel.

The Booklet for the Way of the Cross devotional, with photos from St. Martin's Stations of the Cross and images from our nave can be downloaded here:

The Way of the Cross Booklet rev. 2022
Download PDF • 9.94MB

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