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Volunteers Are Needed to Build Reading Skills, Grades 3-5


Hope Education helps students who struggle with reading make sense of learning through personalized online tutoring.


Readers in Grades 3-5 at Columbia Elementary.

Columbia is located at 3120 St. Louis Ave., North St. Louis City.


Only 4% of students are reading on grade level

If a child is reading proficiently by the end of the third grade, they are 4x more likely to graduate from high school compared to students who struggle.

How Can You Help?

Volunteers are needed to partner with students 2x/week for personalized online tutoring.

  • All volunteers will be trained prior to being paired with a student.

  • Volunteer from the comfort of your home – all work is online

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Robin Boda. Executive Director, Hope Education at 314-703-2859 or

Sponsored by Hope Education in collaboration with the West County Collaborative

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