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Spring Service “Love your Campus” Day

It's that time of the year again!

Please join us for our annual spring parish work day! There are a lot of outdoor tasks that need to be completed and we would love your help in ensuring our church is well maintained not only for the congregation, but also to new visitors. We would like our space to appear welcoming and inviting and that is only made possible with your help!

Only outside projects:

- Trimming of trees, bushes and shrubs

- Removing/spraying weeds and grass

- Spreading grass seed

- Spreading mulch

- Removing old mulch and replacing in the islands in the parking lot

We also need the following tools:

- Yard waste bags

- Rakes, shovels, hoes, pruning shears

- Hedge trimmers (power cord if needed)

- Tree loppers, gloves

- Leaf blowers (power cord if needed)

- Spray for grass and weeds in Parking Lot

- HONEYSUCKLE – Cut all the growth along the east and south tree line. If anyone have a gas chainsaw that would be willing to do this, please contact Lincoln

Please let Lincoln Drake know by text if you will be there so he can plan a count for lunch. If you bring any tools, please be sure they have your name on as to not get lost. Lincoln's phone number can be found in the Beacon.


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