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Returning to In-Person each Sunday at 10:30 am

Update from the Regathering Committee Returning to In-Person each Sunday at 10:30 am Starting October 3

As cases of COVID-19 are finally decreasing in the county and surrounding areas, at long last, Mother Leslie, with the consultation of the Regathering Committee, has determined that we may start meeting each Sunday in person at our 10:30 am service! With God's grace we are hopeful that we may finally be turning a corner in this pandemic.

Masking and social distancing will still be in required at this time, out of love for each other, since the numbers of infection and hospitalization are still far too high. We will also ask that attendees either pre-register or come early enough to sign in before the service.

We are very excited and hopeful that conditions finally seem right. We will continue, of course to monitor the situation with the pandemic as it continues. So in the meantime, please encourage all you love to get vaccinated, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay socially distant, especially in public spaces.

The service will still continue to be broadcast online on Facebook, our website, and Youtube.

Thank you to all who have expressed support and understanding during this time of precaution.

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