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Rector's Reflection: January 6, 2024

Beloved Members of St. Martin’s,


Today, January 6, is the official Feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany, meaning “manifestation” or “appearance” in Greek, has also come to mean over the ages a sudden understanding or revelation—to use another Greek word, a “eureka!” moment.


This is the day when we remember the Magi coming to offer the Christ child gifts, and in so doing, becoming the first Gentiles to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. It is a day in which we speak of “wise men” and stars, and paying homage to a mystery when encountered, as those Magi did when they knelt at the feet of a baby at the center of his young family.


So close to this New Year, I pray for all of us to dedicate ourselves anew to pay homage to the gospel that was then promoted by that child when he had grown to manhood: a gospel of grace, love, community, and shalom that seeks the welfare of others, healing, and reconciliation. Those would be the greatest gifts we could offer to Christ today. May this be our resolution today, and always, as we seek and serve Christ in every person we encounter.


In Christ,

Mother Leslie+


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