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New Convocation for St. Martin's

Get to know your Convocation!

In the spring of 2021, the Standing Committee approved of a new configuration of convocations. The new configuration consists of four convocations (named in honor of faithful members of the Diocese of Missouri): Bishop Jackson Kemper, Rev. Dn. Jane Dey, Rev. Emery Washington, and Elizabeth Dyer. St. Martin’s is in the Jackson Kemper Convocation. The Dean for our convocation is the Rev. Dr. Maria Evans of Trinity Episcopal in Hannibal. The Warden for our convocation is Lori Cooper of Trinity Episcopal in St. Charles. Representatives to the Diocesan Council consist of Larry Cornelius, from St. Martin’s Episcopal, Kerry Quinlisk, from Church of the Transfiguration, and the Rev. Michael Nchimbi from Calvary Episcopal Church. The next meeting for our convocation will be Tuesday, April 5 at 7:30 PM. The meeting is open to all members of our church and everyone is encouraged to attend. A reminder will be sent out closer to the date.

What is a Convocation?

A convocation is a meeting of clergy and lay representatives from a variety of churches. The idea is that these churches come together as a collective and collaborate to better reflect the church and the Holy Trinity. The notion that we are one Church in many locations is better realized as churches work together to achieve this vision.

What is new to Convocations?

The new lineup of convocations is a reduction of the number of convocations (from six to four), to encourage an expansion of collaboration. Each convocation elects a Dean, a Warden, and representatives to Diocesan Council. Each convocation is also tasked to develop strategies for their communities of faith within their respective region.

To learn more about convocations and our convocation, click here.

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