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Journey to Bethlehem: A Christmas Eve Pilgrimage

Beloved People of St. Martin's, Holy Scripture is full of journeys, so much so that the journey is an apt metaphor for the life of faith. The Christmas story has an angel journeying to greet Mary and declare her favored, a heavenly host journeying to startle shepherds watching their flocks, Joseph and Mary journeying to Bethlehem to fulfill the Roman requirement of a census in Joseph's family home, and the Magi following a star from distant lands when it lodged in their eyes and seized hold of their deepest longings. This year, we too, continue on a journey of caring for each other and keeping each other safe as a community of faith in time of COVID19. We know that one of the things many of us have longed for is an opportunity to be back inside our worship space and partake in prayer and communion with each other. Over the last few weeks, the Re-Gathering Committee at St. Martin’s has been meeting regularly via Zoom to discuss the ongoing pandemic, how it affects our Church and parishioners, and how best to continue serving while looking to the future of what our Church will be. The committee has heard your voices, your concerns, and, most importantly, felt your prayers to lead us in the right direction. As the Christmas season approaches, we know there is more desire than ever to return to “normal.” The Re-Gathering Committee has been discussing options for you, our parishioners, to have the chance to return to the St. Martin’s sanctuary at Christmastime. Therefore, we are delighted to announce a safe, socially distanced Christmas Eve service!

Journey to Bethlehem: A Christmas Eve Pilgrimage

On Christmas Eve, beginning at 4:00pm, individuals and families will have the opportunity to attend a 15-20 minute pilgrimage service, including Eucharist. Four services will be held, each with a maximum of nine parishioners and Mother Leslie allowed in the sanctuary in accordance with Diocesan rules. Family units will be seated together at least six to eight feet apart from the next person or family. Ushers will be in place to take your temperature at the door to ensure the safety of all those present. Following each service, all surfaces will be disinfected for the next group.

This event is on a first come-first served basis. You will have the opportunity to select preferred service times. After the closing deadline, a member of the Re-Gathering Committee will be in touch to confirm your reservation.

There are two ways to sign up for our pilgrimage:

  1. Click Here to submit an online form

  2. Call or text Chelsea Brewer at 314-332-3235. If you leave a voicemail, please include your first and last names and a phone number where you can be reached. Chelsea will call you back at her earliest convenience.

The deadline for registration is Sunday, December 20 at noon.

Please note: Masks are required for the event.

Keep in mind - factors such as weather or a rise in COVID cases could alter our pilgrimage. A member of the Re-Gathering Committee will be in touch should plans for our pilgrimage change.


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