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Join Us for Laundry Love on October 12, 4-7 pm

St. Martin's plans to host our second Laundry Love session on Tuesday, October 12, at Winchester Cleaners, at 14622 Manchester Road, in Ballwin from 4-7 pm.

We would love to see you take part in this ministry! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Anne Fischer or Mother Leslie.


Laundry Love is a national program that began in the Diocese of Los Angeles. It all began with a simple observation in a conversation with a gentleman who was struggling with finances or unhoused: that if he had clean clothes, those he encountered might treat him with more dignity.

For many people who struggle with low incomes, the money to clean clothes is nonexistent next to the necessity for food, shelter, and clothing. That's where Laundry Love comes in. Read this article from Episcopal News Service, or this blog post from one of the pioneering parishes, Thad's, to hear how Laundry Love started and continues in LA. And Laundry Love is a nationwide movement, even here in the Diocese of Missouri at Holy Communion, where their laundry love program has been active for a few years now. But the need exists here in West County, as well.

Our plan is to meet there the second Tuesday of each month from 4-7 pm. We will provide access to free laundry service to those who request it. Our West County food pantry, Circle of Concern, is working with us distributing flyers to people who frequently use their services letting them know the dates and times of our ministry.

Everyone Can Participate in Some Way! Volunteering We will need volunteers to help us out at the laundromat each month.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers help with getting clients quarters and laundry detergent, help with the washing or the drying IF people would like some assistance-- but even more importantly, will welcome and get to know people in a practical way, much like the way volunteers at the Peace Meal welcome and share a meal with those who come.

Donate Quarters

Here's an easy one! Bring your quarters and spare change in, and our volunteers will turn it into loads of clean laundry for the clients! It's like magic!


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