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Join us for Episcopal 101

Starting May 1 at 9:00 am

Are you new to the Episcopal Church, or raised in a different faith community—or no tradition—and want to dive deeper into the beauty of the Episcopal/Anglican way of following Jesus? Or, have you been an Episcopalian for years, but have questions?

Have you ever wondered what exactly the main beliefs of the Episcopal Church are, or wondered why we do or say a certain thing at worship?

The Episcopal Church is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion, which has a third of a billion adherents worldwide. Come explore with us the beauty and strength of our tradition.

We will be using as our organizing text Welcome to Life of Faith in the Episcopal Church, by the Rev. Megan Castellan. We would love to provide you with a book—or you can get it instantly on kindle. Please contact the Rev. Shug or Mother Leslie to make sure we can get you a book.

Join us for a six week tour through the Episcopal Church to finish out the program year with a bang!

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LENTEN BOOK STUDY BEGINS MARCH 3 AFTER WORSHIP Please join us in Park Hall immediately after the March 3 service for our Lenten Bible Study. The title is Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers, by Shane C

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