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Join the GoFundMe Effort for Refugees Farah and Zabi


Chelsea's friends, Farah and Zabi, lost everything in an apartment fire. Refugees from Afghanistan, they came to the US for safety after Zabi's work with the US military put them at risk. Starting anew, they now face this devastating setback. Please consider supporting their recovery. For donations: GoFundMe for Farah and Zabi.


On Sunday, February 25, a three-alarm fire broke out at an apartment building in Maplewood, MO which affected 30 residents of the building. Two of the residents affected are Farah and Zabi, refugees who fled from the Taliban. Farah and Zabi arrived in St. Louis in December 2022 with the clothes they were wearing, their immigration documents, and not much else.


Before the Taliban takeover, Zabi worked closely with the US military and Farah was studying to become a midwife while also teaching ESL classes at a local college. When the Taliban took over, Farah was forced to quit teaching but was allowed to continue working in the hospital for a short time. During that time, Farah witnessed atrocities committed by the Taliban against new mothers and newborns. Shortly after the takeover, Farah was forced to quit working altogether and stay in hers and Zabi’s apartment as she was not allowed in public without her husband as an escort.


The US Military reached out to Zabi and offered a way out. They had to flee in the middle of the night - leaving their families and everything they knew behind. After months in a refugee camp and sustaining second degree burns from the scorching sun, Zabi and Farah were flown to St. Louis where they settled with Zabi’s sister while they tried to start their lives over.


Zabi got a job in manufacturing, and after being at home for three months, Farah came to work at Midland Optical in St. Louis. Zabi joined her shortly thereafter. Since December of 2022, Farah and Zabi have worked hard to build their new life in the United States. Farah received her ServSafe certification through Welcome Neighbor STL and has worked catering events to supplement their income. Additionally, Farah was recently accepted to St. Louis Community College to be part of their accelerated nursing program. She still hopes to become a midwife.


Not only did Farah and Zabi lose everything they have worked so hard for in the fire, so did Zabi’s sister which leaves them living in a hotel while they search for a new apartment. This young family has lost so much over the last few years, only to have to rebuild once again.


We are asking for your donations to help Zabi and Farah put deposits down on a new apartment and furnish their new home. They are incredibly grateful for all of the help they have received in their transition to life in the US and will continue to be grateful for any help you can offer.


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