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“Everybody’s Story Children’s Library” is for Everyone

Started over five years ago as an initiative of the St. Martin’s Peace and Justice Committee, the library has expanded into a wide world of sometime difficult subjects. As the library developed over the time of the pandemic, additional books have been added, including chapter books, stories about autism, Indigenous Peoples, the Holocaust, lesser-known women and men and events of American history, dyslexia, divorce, LGBTQ families, loss of a pet and many other topics. Many of these books are difficult to find in the book stores of St. Louis, but the library now has 30 new books and nearly 200 books for various ages.

But the library is for more than just children that attend Sunday services. The Library is for everyone of all ages. If you have not made a New Year’s Resolution yet, a good resolution might be to read a book!

Why not expand your world through the St. Martin’s Everybody’s Story Library? Many of the picture books are fascinating for children and adults. Cats show many of the same autistic traits as humans. Have you read “All Cats are on the Autism Spectrum”? Or, how about the book Mother Leslie talked about in a sermon, “Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults”? “Nicky &Vera” tells the story of a quiet hero of the holocaust whose story was not discovered until 1988.

So come check out the books at St. Martin’s. The 30 new books will be displayed in front of the library cart for the next few weeks. Books can be checked out, taken home and brought back the next week. You may find a book for your child or grandchild or even yourself that will shed a new light on a topic you don’t quite understand or want more information about. It’s a great library for Everybody!

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