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COVID-19 Event Cancellations

Due to the surge in cases of COVID-19, all in-person groups meeting during the weekdays are being postponed as for the month of January. These groups include:

  • Adult Bible Study

  • St. Martin's Bell Choir

  • St. Martin's Choir Rehearsals

As a friendly reminder, the following is a reiteration of the requirements currently in place:

  1. All persons coming into the building do so acknowledging that they are not showing signs or symptoms of COVID, influenza, or a cold, nor that they have, to their knowledge, come into contact with or been exposed to COVID.

  2. All persons attending MUST wear a mask over their nose and mouth, fitted to their face, while in the building.

  3. All persons must either register online or sign in for ANY visit or stay in the building without fail—for worship, for Bible Study, choir practice, or for meetings.

  4. In the nave, maintain a distance of 3-6 feet between individuals here singly or family groups, who may sit together. In other areas, 6 feet of distancing is preferred.

  5. In the nave, please keep every other pew unoccupied. In Park Hall, please sit no more than three persons to a table. This may have to be adjusted as necessary.

Please be safe and exercise good hygiene as COVID-19 cases surge due to variations of the virus that continue to evolve.

Thank you.


To register for in-person services, please visit this link:

Rev. Leslie Scoopmire's Update Regarding Gathering


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