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Celebrate Native Heritage in the Diocese of Missouri at our Saturday 505 services in November

To help celebrate, and to acquaint ourselves with the richness of Native spirituality in the Episcopal faith, we invite you to pray with us.

This month, all are invited to worship with us at St. Martin's Episcopal Church on Saturday afternoons, as our "505" service (held at 505pm in our beautiful chapel) will feature Native prayers from a variety of sources across the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada.

We will also feature the First Nations Version of the New Testament among our readings at this service, which is a translation by Native elders and biblical scholars using "dynamic equivalence," incorporating Indigenous idioms, thought-ways, and symbolism while maintaining fidelity to the original texts.

This Saturday, after the close of Diocesan Convention, we will honor All Saints, and feature Native American saints in the calendar of the Episcopal Church.

A bulletin for this Saturday's service is attached. Click here to download and view this bulletin:

505 All Saints Souls November 4 2023 final
Download PDF • 793KB

St. Martin's Episcopal Church 15764 Clayton Road Ellisville, MO 63011

Image is of The Rev. David Pendleton Oakerhater, Cheyenne deacon and missionary in the Episcopal Church, who worked tirelessly among his people in western Oklahoma. He is celebrated with a feast day in the Episcopal Church's calendar of saints on September 1.


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