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Rector's Reflections, September 24, 2021

Rector’s Reflections: Wise Guise

Beloved Members of St. Martin's,

Autumn began this week, and in it is a crispness in the air, the cascading curtains of leaves arrowing down to earth, the beginning of pumpkin-spice-flavored everything, and at lost last, our celebration of new ministry of Saturday. I hope to see many of you all there!

Meanwhile, here is a prayer for the beginning of Autumn:

O God of All Creation,

hear us as we draw near to You,

and place our hearts at your feet.

For the long green season that is closing,

and in expectation of cooling nights and turning leaves,

we thank You, O Lord.

For the lengthening purple shadows,

and the joyous click of leaves

teaching us the beauty of letting go,

we thank You, O Lord.

For the sweet tang of autumn raindrops

cooling the air and softening the earth,

dancing on a mirrored pond,

we thank You, O Lord.

For the joy of children and the wonder of the innocent

in helping us to see your world anew,

we thank You, O Lord.

For the blessing of work for your service,

and the constellations of companions

whose fellowship lightens the load,

we thank You, O Lord.

For the wrongs we have done to others

or to You, Loving One,

that we may repent and seek reconciliation,

we pray to You, O Lord.

For all our enemies in word or deed,

that their hearts may be turned,

and we may forgive,

we pray You, O Lord.

For those living in times of fire and storm,

who struggle to stay above the rising tide of anxiety,

we pray to You, O Lord.

For those whose needs we remember before You

throughout this day, especially those we now name.


In Christ,


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