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Join us for Out of Darkness: A Blue Christmas liturgy, on December 20 at 7 pm

We are approaching the winter solstice, which means we in the northern hemisphere are experiencing the longest period of darkness of the year. We are reminded that the holiday season is not always easy for everyone, and sometimes feelings of loneliness, and memories of loved ones we see no longer, rise within us. St. Martin's will again offer a service of compassion and community for those for whom this season may be difficult or overwhelming on the night before the solstice this year-- on December 20 at 7 pm. On this night, we mindfully hold the darkness and the blues in tension with the Christmas joy. Join us for a gentle, contemplative service of compassion and gathering light. We will listen to beautiful music, light candles, share memories, hear beautiful readings of poetry and comfort, and engagement in prayer, community, and quiet. In all things, we remember that we are not alone, and that we see light most vividly in the darkness.

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