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Get your free copies of the Forward Day by Day devotionals in the lobby!

Sometimes your day needs a little grounding and centering. Forward Movement is a publishing house within the Episcopal Church that, since 1935, seeks to build not just followers, but disciples, both in the Episcopal Church and for those seeking a deeper understanding of God's presence in our lives. One of the ways it accomplishes this mission is through publishing inspirational and motivational pamphlets, books, and other resources in print and online.

Each quarter, we receive copies in both large and small format of brief daily modern devotions called Forward Day by Day. Please come and take your copy today! They are available in the lobby (in Episcopalian-speak, that's the "narthex."). Think of this lovely resource, with an average daily reading time per devotion of 2-3 minutes, as sharing a cup of coffee with God. Each Daily devotional can also be accessed online here:

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