Worship is the core of our experience as a parish community. The following ministries support our worship services.

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  • Acolytes
  • Altar Guild
  • Lectors/Chalice Bearers
  • Music
  • Ushers

Contact: Chris Slane

St. Martin’s Acolyte ministry is made up of members of the parish who volunteer their time and talent to serve during the liturgy by carrying the processional crosses, torches, banners and flags. The acolytes assist the clergy throughout the service and help lead and define the tone of worship for the community.

Our program is open to all church members from 5th grade through adulthood. Acolytes must be baptized. If they have not been confirmed, they should plan to participate in confirmation classes as soon as they are of an appropriate age. Also, because of the size of the crosses and banners and length of the services, acolytes must be of an appropriate physical stature and maturity level to actively participate. Training sessions are held at various times throughout the year.

Altar Guild
Contact: Ruth Minster

Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary (both main altar and chapel altar) for all services held at the church. They are responsible for maintaining all elements and utensils used for the service.

This is far more than a “volunteer” job and members should have a true sense of what they are doing, a commitment to our Lord and his church, and making the service meaningful, as well as assisting the priest in his/her work. A member needs to be totally “aware” during the service to what is going on and available if the priest needs something during the service.

Members can be either men or women and we also encourage younger people to participate. It is an excellent way to really learn what the Eucharistic service is all about.

Lectors / Chalice Bearers
Contact: The Rev. Jon Hall

Lay readers proclaim the Word of God and the Prayers of the People. They are expected to have a thorough understanding of the readings; have read them several times before the scheduled Sunday; and be able to communicate clearly and distinctly. Before reading for the first time, lay reader will attend a training/evaluation session. Lay readers are also expected to attend an annual workshop.

Contact: Music Director Denise Marsh

St. Martin’s has an active adult choir, handbell choir and youth & children’s choirs. Please visit our music page for more details.

Contact: Sherrie Algren

Ushers assist the congregation in creating a more prayerful experience at our services. Some of their duties include interacting with members, guests and visitors as they arrive, providing bulletins and offering assistance to find seating in the sanctuary. Training is provided as needed.