Dec 092015

SKMBT_C364e15120916520_0001Each year ministries of the parish are invited to submit a report to the Annual Meeting. These are printed into a booklet and distributed at the meeting. Reports usually recap the fiscal year just past; include plans for the year to come as well as a contact person and how to become active in the ministry.   Please click here to view the 2015 Annual Report .


Diocesan Standards of Practice and Training Requirements

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Feb 022012

The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri requires specific training for clergy, employees, volunteers who supervise youth, vestry members and unpaid Sunday School teachers.

The resources in the links below explain who needs to have that training and provides the policies and procedures concerning allegations and incidents of sexual misconduct.

Dates and times of training sessions will be posted in St. Martin’s communications as they become available.

Chart Of Requirements

Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding Policies Acknowledgement Form