Apr 022016

Sunday, June 19th

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Justin and Amy (Figueroa) Culp, daughter and son-in-law of Ray and Karen Figueroa (former members), will be here to speak about their experiences in South Sudan as missionaries. They are going back to Sudan later this year with their two young boys and plan to stay as long as it takes to help bring the gospel of Jesus to the unreached people of the Lopa Mountains. They hope to empower the local people so eventually the Sudanese church can stand on its own.

Amy is excited to return to St. Martin’s to share her story with us. While here, she was an active teen involved in several mission trips and one pilgrimage. Amy is looking forward to seeing many of our members who helped guide her to where she serves today.


Jun 252015

Eight new corps members have been selected from a field of 33 applicants into the  2015-16 class at Deaconess Anne House. Director Rebecca Ragland said, “This experience taught me how many amazing, insightful and visionary women and men are ready to invest in our community!”

Learn more about Deaconess Anne House and read the impressive biographies of these eight young leaders.

Deaconess Anne

Sep 102012

St. Martin’s will host a blood drive administered by the American Red Cross on Thursday, Sept. 13 from 3 till 7 p.m. Anyone 17 or older is eligible to donate. You can sign up in Park Hall or online at redcrossblood.org and use the sponsor code stmartins.

For this to be a successful drive we need many donors, so please share this information with friends and family members. St. Martin’s would like to share the gift of life with as many people as possible. Thanks for your generosity!

For questions or to volunteer to help, please contact D’Arcy Elsperman.

Blood Facts:

  • On any given day, an average of 38,000 units of red blood cells are needed for hospital patients in the United States.
  • One in 10 people entering a hospital needs blood.
  • In the U.S., someone needs a blood transfusion about every two seconds.
  • There is no substitute for human blood. It cannot be manufactured.
  • The average body has 10 to 12 pints of blood.
  • There are about one billion red blood cells in two to three drops of blood.
  • A newborn baby has about one cup of blood in his or her body.
  • Blood is often needed for traumas, heart surgeries, joint replacements, organ transplants, premature babies, leukemia and cancer treatments and much more.
  • Medications do not prevent people from donating.
  • One-year concer survivors, diabetics, and people with high blood pressure are eligible to donate.
  • Discontinue drinking tea 3 to 4 days ahead of donating as the tannins in it can block absorption of iron. Drink lots of water.
  • Be sure to eat at regular meal time and drink plenty of fluids before donating.
Sep 102012

Help cook and serve a meal to our friends in need. St. Martin’s is sponsoring the Peace Meal at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Tower Grove on Saturday, Sept. 15.

We need four or five people to serve in this important ministry. Cooking begins at 2 p.m. and serving ends at 6:30.

If you are available and would like to help out, please contact St. Martin’s member Wayne Peters at 314-608-1266.

Learn more about St. John’s Peace Meal Project.

Aug 022012

by Laurie Ann Flory

Thank you St. Martin’s for your United Thank Offering contribution!

In Spring 2012, St. Martin’s contributed $630.19 to the UTO Ingathering. More than 40%, or $260.19, of that total was from coin donations. Your spare change counts!

The United Thank Offering, often referred to as UTO, is a program of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole Church, founded by and administered by women since 1889. The United Thank Offering supports projects that: address poverty, make significant impact, demonstrate new and innovative work, and/or are a part of a planned diocesan/provincial mission strategy. The UTO provides a way for men, women, and children of the Episcopal Church to give daily thanks to God. There are several ways to contribute: “blue boxes” for coin donations or envelopes on the day of Ingathering.

The money we give supports missions and ministries both domestically and internationally throughout the Episcopal Church. In 2011, UTO awarded 59 grants, for a total of $1,634,526.19.

Examples of these grants include:

  • Reading and Writing Outreach Program for Underserved Children in Oxford, North Carolina.
  • Medical equipment for a maternity ward in Newala, Tanzania.
  • Bhutanese Refugee Community Assistance Program, a project of Holy Cross Episcopal Church Kentwood, Michigan.
  • Construction of a Primary Healthcare Unit for Panyang Community, in the Diocese of South Dakota’s Companion Diocese of Twic East in South Sudan.
  • Neighborhood Youth Outreach Program at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • St. Columba’s Independence Cay Transitional Homeless Shelter in Marathon, Florida.

The United Thank Offering is not only a financial partner in the mission work of the Episcopal Church, it can also be a spiritual contribution. My family and I are new to the Episcopal Church. This Spring was our family’s first opportunity to contribute to the United Thank Offering. We have two children and our “blue box” stayed out on our kitchen table. How wonderful and sometimes amusing to hear what the children are thankful for: “I am thankful for… my brother, food, my toothbrush, the sky.” How important it is for them and each family member to hear what you are thankful for. Listening to their prayers of thankfulness brought us closer: to each other and to God. Those simple prayers and coins help people around the world. I encourage each household, even those without children, to take a “blue box” and offer your prayers of thankfulness. The simple act of dropping in coins and speaking out our thanksgivings brought a deeper awareness of the abundance of God’s blessings.

St. Martin’s Fall UTO Ingathering will be Sunday, September 30, 2012. Collection boxes and envelopes are available in our parish hall at St. Martin’s.

Read more about UTO

Download the UTO grant list from 2011.