Aug 042014

ECW Leadership and Direction Changes        

Sunday, July 13th, St. Martin’s ECW met at Fr. Jon’s house to discuss the need for a new President and Treasurer and how to get more women interested in ECW.  We  were fortunate to have as a special guest Cheryl Ward, Missouri Diocesan ECW Board President who shared her experiences.  Pam Coffel and Nancy Helmer have assumed the role of Co-presidents for the remainder of 2014 and Pam will still serve as Communications Coordinator.  Mary Drastal has agreed to step in and serve as Treasurer for the rest of 2014 and she will also continue to be the Chairperson of UTO for her two-year term.  So once again St. Martin’s ECW has a full set of officers.

Our next meeting is 9:00am Sunday, August 10th, YES –9:00am!!  We want to encourage women from BOTH Sunday services to attend – and if you attend the 5:05 PLEASE be there too!!  We had 13 women attend the meeting at the Hall home and they represented all ages and varying years of worship at St. Martin’s, this is what we are hoping to work toward in ECW but we need YOU to succeed!  The 1st meeting will be one hour only.  We will discuss when would be a good regular meeting day and time,  convenient for as many women as possible and as many different ages as possible. We will also discuss how often ECW should meet and, if offering childcare would allow young mothers to attend.  Hopefully, we will be able to cover all this…if not, we will make a good start.

On Sunday, July 27th Mary Lou Laplaunt chaired a new ECW sponsored pot-luck supper to celebrate the conclusion of a successful VBS.  Approximately eighty to ninety parishioners enjoyed the ham and homemade fixin’s!

We have some family-friendly and seasonal events planned for the next few months.  On August 24th look for the ECW table at the Ministry Fair. ECW will once again be hosting an Ice Cream Social on Sunday, September 14th, at 9:00am between the two services. Colleen Hall is the Chairperson of this event.  Be sure to watch for more details on this event as it approaches.

On September, 21st, at 11:30am in Park Hall St. Martin’s ECW invites all ladies of our community to our annual Tea Party.  Ladies, please feel free to invite your friends, family or neighbors…and girls you can bring your dolls, we will have a table set just for them!!  There will be tea and lemonade, sandwiches and sweet treats but most of all wonderful fellowship and laughter with the ladies and girls of St. Martin’s.  And to top it all off…find out who is named Woman of the Year 2014!!

Saturday, October 25th, at 4:30pm is the date of this year’s Fall Festival and Susan Gillies is the Chairperson.  With activities including a chili contest, trunk or treating, food and drink, roasting marshmallows and much more this is a real highlight for kids of all ages! And please invite your neighbors!  The community is welcome to attend this safe and friendly ECW event.

This final get-together of the year is only for the women of St Martin’s. Which brings home the message, if you attend St. Martin’s you are ALREADY a member of ECW whether you have ever been to a meeting or paid dues (only $10 per year)  It is Thursday, December 4th, at 6:30pm at Mary Drastal’s home and it is a cookie exchange.  Not only is it a fun, festive and joyous way to spend time getting to know one another better but it is early in December and can help with your holiday baking! ECW stands for Episcopal Church Women so if you are an Episcopal and a Woman that’s you! Please come and see how rewarding it can be.




Aug 042014

Preparations are underway for producing a new Pictorial  Directory with the most current data. Please let us know if you have any contact info changes.

¨ dropped a land line

¨ added or changed a cell number

¨ moved to a new email provider

¨ retired or taken a new job and prefer to use your work  email address

If you have never done so, please fill out a salmon-colored membership profile sheet (one for each family member). The sheets can be found on the table by the front door of the Narthex. Please place complete Person Profiles in the basket provided on the table by the front door or submit your information to Michelle Trieschmann in the church office.

If you are new to the parish and would like to be included in the spring directory and have not already spoken with one of the priests you are encouraged to do so by calling the church office or contacting them directly using the email addresses on the back of the Sunday Order of Worship folder.

Ministry Leaders: review the page in the current directory with information on your ministry to see if updates might be needed. If so, please share them with Laurie Rhoad.



Aug 042014

Stop by Park Hall between services or following the 10:15am service on August 24thto get a glimpse of the many active ministries we offer at St. Martin’s. From fun and fellowship to mission and outreach to prayer and spiritual growth… you’ll find information and meet other members involved in our ministries. The fair is for anyone looking to serve or be served in our church. Come and explore the many ways you can share your time and talent in our Christian community.

min fair 2012 - greeters


Jun 262014

Urgent Needs at Food Pantry

Recent Food Drives have yielded lower than usual return. With children out of school and not receiving subsidized breakfast and lunch the demand is greater than ever. Please consider making additional donations of food items this month, including items your own children or grandchildren like to eat in the summer.


Circle of Concern provides perishable items to families in need and welcomes monetary donations to fill the gaps left by dry goods and canned items. Checks may be made out to St. Martin’s Episcopal Church with Circle of Concern in the memo line.


Current needs include: Canned pasta, tomato products, peanut butter and jelly, canned tuna, adult hygiene and financial donations.


Your generosity meets the needs of people in the West County area. Thank you.


circle of concern logo_opt



Jun 252014

Hashtag This                                                                                                                                                                      

 Are you “social” with social media?  If so, join us in sharing the great news!  On Sunday, June 29th, we are going to flood the social media channels with all the great things about our Episcopal Church.


If you’re already on social media, send out a post about worship, the readings, the sermon. Tag it with #Episcopal. If you’re in a community with members online, encourage one another. To learn more, visit


-Moses wasn’t using TripAdvisor to find a nice, reasonable hotel in the desert
-Martha wasn’t on Pinterest looking up recipes to serve Jesus
-David wasn’t posting his latest psalms to his YouTube Channel
-Jesus wasn’t live tweeting events (although all the Beatitudes are 140 characters or less, making them perfectly suited for Twitter!)


However, our faith has gone viral since the very beginning. Paul might not have had a smartphone, but he used the social media of his time: Epistles, which continue to spread throughout the world today.


On June 29th, we invite you to join us in being a part of making the Good News go viral.


We did a little number crunching, and if even a minority of us who are already using social media post about The Episcopal Church on June 29th almost 10,000,000 of our friends and family will learn something about us and our church!


Social Media Sunday


Jun 112014

Vestry Forum 

Sunday, June 22nd at 9:00am

Join your Vestry in Park Hall for a mid-year update on recent activities and future plans at St. Martin’s.  As always, your Vestry wants you to know what issues are being discussed and invites you to join in the conversation about our church family.

adult forum