Feb 262015

Lent-CrossLooking for ways to add to your Lenten devotional time?  Join us Wednesday nights during Lent for a musical offering followed by worship.  The next Lenten music will be offered by Brooke Myers on at 5:45 Wednesday, March 4th.  Brooke is the former rector of Holy Communion in University City and is an accomplished musician.  At 6:15, musician Mike Clark of Christ Church Cathedral will lead us through a time of comtemplation by way of silence and prayerful singing.  

Other scheduled Lenten Musical events:

March 11th – Beverly Kinkade, Lynn Lange and friends

March 18th – Clay McKinney, cello

March 25th – Men of St. Martin’s Choir

Each event will be followed by worship led by Mike Clark.


Feb 262015


April 22nd, 3:00pm—7:00pm  

The need is constant, the gratification is instant. There is no substitute for human blood.  It cannot be manufactured.  Donors must be 17 or older, weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health. Do not drink tea for 3 to 4 days ahead of donating and drink lots of water. Please mark your calendars and look for a sign up sheet soon in Park Hall to donate blood or to volunteer to help with the drive.

Click here for more information on eligibility requirements and to learn more about how your donation can help save lives. 




Oct 302014

The 20/20 Task Force recently asked several questions to many of St. Martin’s ministries, including the Stewardship Committee, to help shape their recommendations for the future of St. Martin’s.  A couple of the questions were especially thought-provoking and prompted an extended discussion by our committee … Where would you like to be in 3 years?  How would you define success?

When it comes to the annual Financial Pledge Campaign we felt that first and foremost 100% participation, that is every parishioner making a written financial pledge for the coming year and every year no matter how big or small, is of utmost importance and would define success.  For the individual parishioner, pledging is a way to express gratitude for all that God has provided and to have trust that God will continue to provide in the coming year.  For the church, it allows the vestry to make plans for the coming year.  And the committee felt that virtually everyone has the ability and means to pledge at some level albeit some pledges may be very small by necessity.  In recent years about 2/3 to 3/4 of parishioners pledged for the next year and achieving 100% participation this year is the Stewardship Committee’s #1 goal.

Achieving a 10% per year increase in the amount pledged over the next 3 years was set as the second goal.  To continue with St. Martin’s ministries that we all value, and to grow and flourish, it is clear that the base of financial support through the Pledge Campaign must increase from the flat-line results of recent years.  At first glance a 10% increase seems impossible, but consider the possibilities if the remaining 25 to 33% of St. Martin’s parishioners pledged and we all tithed, that is pledged 10% of our income, or made significant progress towards tithing.  About $395k in pledges were made for 2014, so a 10% would be an increase of $40k for a total of $435k in 2015 pledges.

We hope and pray that you too will embrace these goals for the 2015 Financial Pledge Campaign.  They are important for the future of St. Martin’s and us as individual parishioners who are Walking the Way.

Jeff Klieve for the Stewardship Committee



Oct 302014


Thirty nine years ago a young couple moved to St. Louis due to a job opportunity for the husband. They were lured by the promise of a bright future and an opportunity to advance in the corporate world. The wife, who was 6 months pregnant, was also excited about the possibilities for the future for their expanding family. New home, new schools and new friends.

Even though they felt joy because of the future, they felt overwhelmed, alone, isolated and a bit afraid of all the changes in their young lives. This was especially true for the wife, who no longer worked and waited for the birth of their first child. She felt adrift and disconnected.

Both the husband and the wife had grown up going to church but had drifted away in their college years. The wife, being an Episcopalian, sought an Episcopal church. St. Martin’s was that church. The church in those days was the size of the area where we now hold the 5:05 service. Nonetheless, at St. Martin’s they found a safe harbor from a stressful world.

As another child was added and the couple discovered the church nursery, they discovered time to be together in church without the kids. They also enjoyed the coffee hour where they met more people as time went by. They not only made friends that are still friends today, but met mentors who taught them a great deal about what it means to live your faith. The husband began playing racquetball with a group of men from the church which led to confirmation in the Episcopal Church.

Over the years, they have taught many children in Sunday school, participated in both the Men and Women’s group, attended adult classes, Lenten Programs, led Stewardship Campaigns and both have served on the Vestry. Their lives have not been worry free. There have been jobs lost, health issues and deaths of family members. Throughout it all St. Martin’s supported them and encouraged them.

St. Martin’s has offered Sunday school programs for them and their kids. Their kids participated in Youth groups, Mission trips and were confirmed here. They have seen firsthand the benefit of a spiritual journey for themselves and their children. They have benefitted spiritually, intellectually, and socially from supporting St. Martin’s not only with financial resources but also with personal resources of time and talent. The times they have grown the most are when they have gotten out of our comfort zone a bit and stepped out in faith.

Our prayer for all of you is that you would reach out to others, get involved and pledge generously during this year’s Fall Stewardship Campaign. Please give of your time and talents as well as your financial resources. We would like this year to be the year that we have 100% participation. St. Martin’s has so much to offer and you have so much to give.

In God’s Love,

Teresa and Mike Reeves

This is the mosaic on the west side of St. Martin's Episcopal Church.

Oct 152014

Fall Festival; Fun For All Ages!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

On Saturday, October 25th the Episcopal Church Women are hosting a Trunk or Treat and Fall Festival that will entertain the whole family!  Bring your car, candy and costume for the Trunk or Treat.  Then stay for dinner, hayrides and a bonfire.  The evening will begin at 6:00pm with Trunk or Treating in the parking lot.  After the Trunk or Treat we will head inside to enjoy a chili cook-off.  Sample the chili, cast your vote, and the winner goes home with a prize and, more importantly, bragging rights!  Interested chefs can sign up in Park Hall or contact Susan Gillies.  ECW will supply hot dogs and chips.  There will be crafts and activities inside for the kids, and hayrides outside for kids of all ages.  A bonfire with s’mores will cap off the evening.  Invite your family and friends for fantastic free fall fun on October 25th!

fall festival 2012