The Vestry is charged with the responsibility for conducting the temporal affairs of the church. As such, they help discern, establish, implement, and evaluate policies and procedures whereby the governing of the church is effected.

The Vestry is made up of twelve lay people elected to three-year terms (on rotation) from among the members of St. Martin’s Church. The elections take place at the annual parish meeting in January. Officers include the Senior Warden (appointed by the Rector), Junior Warden (elected by the Vestry), Secretary (Clerk), and Treasurer.

The Clergy and staff of St. Martin’s Church are ex officio members but clergy of the Church have canonical responsibilities with and through the vestries of congregations they serve. Each vestry member serves as a liaison for an area of parish life or ministry.

Regularly scheduled meetings of the Vestry are on the fourth Sunday of the month at 12:00 pm. The meetings are open to members of the congregation. However, on occasion, sensitive pastoral or ecclesiastical matters may dictate that portions of the meeting be with and among the Vestry Members. The approved minutes and financial statements of the vestry meetings are posted for public view on the bulletin board.

Here is a list of our current vestry members (click on the name for e-mail), their position and/or liaison role, and when their terms expire:

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