On July 15, 1965, the then Bishop of Missouri, The Right Rev. George Cadigan, sent the Reverend Howard Park to the West County area to begin the creation of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church. The first services of the new mission, as well as a full Sunday school, were held September 19, 1965 in rented quarters in Westridge School in Ballwin. The mission congregation moved into its first church building located at its present site, in June of 1968, became self-supporting in 1973, and a Parish in 1977. In November of 1976, a separate building, the Laird Educational Building, was opened. This was named for Dr. William Laird, a former Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Ladue, who had been very supportive of St. Martin’s in its early years.

In December 1983, additions were completed that enlarged the worship and educational space (including facilities for the Howard Park Early Intervention Center), as well as adding a connecting hall between the two original buildings. The hall was named for George Packwood, an early member and benefactor. In 1986, an inside Columbarium was built in the floor of the Chapel and a second outside on the parish grounds. In 1995, the Parish hall was completed to allow more room for fellowship and opportunities to “break bread together”, youth group events, and additional classrooms for the expanding Sunday school program.

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  1. Just saw your website. My mother and I attended St. Martins in the 60’s when services were still being held in Westridge School. I went off to college in ’68 but my mother, Connie McCune, continued to attend until her death in 1971. We both admired Rev. Park, who presided over her funeral that year.

    Andy McCune
    Tucson, Az.

  2. Mr. McCune, thank you for your comment and I’m sorry we haven’t responded sooner. It’s wonderful to hear from someone who has such a history with our parish. I have only been a member myself since 2002, and was privileged to be on the vestry as senior warden when we had our 40th anniversary.

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