Jul 032012

by Bev Weaver

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church is pleased to welcome the Rev. Dale Kuhn to our Sunday Adult Forum on July 8 at 9 a.m. in Park Hall.

As the Executive Director of Care and Counseling, Rev. Kuhn says he spends much of his time working with couples and families. “I’m interested in helping them work out conflicts that often emerge as a result of parenting issues and difficult relationships with extended families,” said Rev. Kuhn. “It’s important for me to attend seriously to issues of faith, religion and spirituality.”

The topic for our July 8 forum will be: Growing up in a family: blessings and curses. Rev. Kuhn will look at the impact of our families of origin on us for good or for ill and how to keep the tension a creative one.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this special Sunday Adult Forum.

Care and Counseling is a non-profit interfaith agency that offers quality and affordable counseling, professional training and community education to enhance emotional, relational and spiritual well-being.

Read more about the Rev. Dale Kuhn.

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