Dec 062011

Bishop Stephen Dokolo and his wife Lillian from the Diocese of Lui, Southern Sudan were the special guests at St. Martin’s new Saturday 5:05 worship service on Dec. 3.

Bishop Stephen thanked St. Martin’s members for their past support and explained the great need for continued support for his diocese in Africa.

Youth members played drums and other percussion instruments and the children sang a special song to highlight the service.

Everyone welcomed Bishop Stephen and Lillian following the service at a special reception in Park Hall.

The Diocese of Missouri has been in a companion relationship with the Diocese of Lui, Southern Sudan since 2005. We voted to continue that relationship for another five years during this year’s Diocesan Convention.

St. Martin’s has supported the Diocese of Lui through prayer and several fundraising activities, including two “Walk for Water” events, which raised more than $20,000 to build clean water wells in Africa. Deacon Susan Naylor has also served on previous mission trips to Lui and has plans to return to Africa in the spring of 2012.


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