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JULY 28, 2008

Present: Greg Marx, Bob Elsperman, Jack Hauser, Jeanne King, Ed Hamm, Emily Ware, Bob Buehler, Mike Luebbers, John Lange, Linda Bennett, The Rev. Susan Crawford, and Deb Aylsworth

The Vestry participated in a short Bible Study and discussion.

May Minutes: Emily made a motion to approve the May Vestry minutes, Bob Elsperman seconded the motion. The motion carried. There was no Vestry meeting in June.

Treasurer’s Report: During May the pledges were down and expenses were $19,179 better than the budget. Packwood Fund gained $1076 during May with a total value of $688,500. Bob Buehler made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Emily seconded the motion. The motion carried.

During June the pledges were positive compared to the budget. We received a stock donation from a member. We have continued to lower expenses with $21,820 less than the budget. We should be able to make it through August without withdrawing from Packwood. Packwood Fund had a balance of $664,136 at the end of June. Bob Elsperman made a motion to approve the report and Emily seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Old Business:
Search Committee Report: Jeanne King reviewed the report with the Vestry.

Interim Report: This is the annual report from Susan to the congregation on the progress the church has made during the last year.

Extension of the Interim Rector’s Letter of Agreement: Bob Buehler proposed that we extend the agreement for six months. The extension would include an increase for the mileage rate to $.585 per mile and a cost of living raise adjusted according to the rates from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Emily and Bob Buehler will negotiate with Susan for a six month extension. Jack Hauser seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Standing Committees:
Parish Life: Greg Marx made a motion to approve the Trivia Night Fundraiser sponsored by the Hospitality Committee which will be held on February 28, 2009. We should put together some parameters for future fund raising. Ed Hamm seconded the motion. The motion passed. The Ministry Fair has been moved from spring to fall to give groups an opportunity to exhibit to the congregation.

Worship Committee: Susan is in the process of organizing Lay Ministry Training. She is looking for chalice bearers or Visiting Ministers for training on August 23 at 10:00. The lay Eucharistic Ministers must be licensed by the Bishop’s Office.

There is a Gospel Sunday Mass and Concert scheduled for September 14th. There will be a concert at 1:00, dinner on the grounds and a guest vocalist. This will benefit the MDG.

Evangelism: John Lange gave an update. There are new signs at the exit and entrance of the church parking lot. The new photo directory will be available in September. There is a new feature in the Messages called “Getting to Know You”. Ruby has added a “Welcome to St. Martin’s” in the Sunday bulletin. Jack Hauser has recommended that we remove the profile “Chris” from the St. Martin’s profile. This profile is to be used by the Search Committee.

Stewardship Campaign: John Lange spoke about the Stewardship Campaign. There will be a Festive Meal before the campaign begins. The Meal will be on October 25, the cost will be $10.00 per head. There is money in the budget for Stewardship. John will put together assignments for the Vestry. John Lange made a motion that the signed Vestry Covenant goes out to the congregation with a letter. Bob Elsperman seconded the motion. Discussion followed about the Vestry Covenant. John asked for a vote by September. Bob Elsperman suggested getting others from outside the Vestry to also sign the document. Bob Elsperman made a motion to table the discussion. Ed Hamm seconded the motion. The motion passed.

There is grant money available for the parish. The application is due in April.

The Calendar was discussed.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Aylsworth
Vestry Clerk

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