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St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting
April 28, 2008

Present: Bob Buehler, The Rev. Susan Crawford, The Rev. Susie Skinner, Jeanne King, Ed Hamm, Phyllis Duff, Mike Luebbers, Greg Marx, Emily Ware, Jack Hauser, and Deb Aylsworth

Evangelism: Kurt Greenbaum gave a presentation to the Vestry on the new church website. The goal in updating the website was to make it easy to navigate, welcoming to St. Martin’s, and allow more people to update and maintain it. The new home page has three spots on it to find the church location. Many links can be opened from the home page. Kurt has spent a lot of time on this website. Ruby should receive emails for the updates with approval of the priest. Greg Marx made a motion to approve the new website, Emily Ware seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

The Vestry Person-of-the-Week should also be greeting in the Narthex before and after each service.

The Vestry broke into small groups for a quick Bible Study to help us keep our focus on the purpose of the church.

Old Minutes: Emily Ware made a motion to approve the March minutes to the Vestry meeting. Bob Buehler seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report: The church has a positive cash balance and expenses are down. The summer could bring an issue with low attendance. We have received one $5000 grant and we are up on the plate offering. Packwood Fund took a defensive approach to investing and made $3300 in March. Ed Hamm made a motion to approve the report, and Jack Hauser gave a second to approve it. It was so approved.

Outreach: Diocese of Lui project has 75 registrations for the Walk and several large pledges. There are many volunteers. The church will have an appearance at KSDK to promote the walk.

Christian Formation: Jeanne King gave a report that Kim Montgomery is chairing the VBS. The theme is a Jerusalem Marketplace. We already have the curriculum and some of the scenery. Jeanne will be Vestry liaison. The Youth Group is having a car wash next Sunday from 7:30 to 12:00.

New Business: Parochial Report given by Susan will be sent to the Diocese. Emily Ware made a motion to approve the report and Jack Hauser seconded the motion. All approved.

Search Process: Bob Buehler sent an email to all Vestry members asking for each Vestry member to consider names for the Search Committee for a total of 16-20 names. These names will be submitted to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will then recommend a group of names for the Vestry.

Staff Development: Susan has been interviewing people for the new Music Director position.

Cottage Meetings: The last Cottage Meeting was last Sunday afternoon. A total of 100 – 110 people participated in the Cottage Meetings. There has been much creative dialogue about St. Martin’s identity. Each individual cottage will report at the church wide meeting on May 14th. At that meeting, we will also discuss what we would like to be as a church.

Vestry Meeting: It is customary for the Vestry to miss a meeting during the summer months. June 17th is Search Committee Training with Dan Smith from the diocese. Jeanne King made a motion to skip the June Vestry meeting. Emily seconded the motion. It was approved. If necessary, a meeting will be called.

Standing Committees: Susan has reiterated that with Standing Committees in place, the bulk of the work will be done at the grass root level. This emphasizes the importance of the Organizational Chart.

The Calendar was discussed.

The next Vestry meeting will be May 27th.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Aylsworth
Vestry Clerk

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